This medium satisfies both the manual and aesthetic parts of me. Jim spitzer was my first guide, he a virtual master of the method and surely of the aesthetics of the process. He studied under one of the finest woodcut artists while in school at Madison, WI. Alfred Sessler was this master and Sessler was also alledged to have been the inventor of the "Russian Roulette" method of carving and printing: essentially both printing and removal in time. But, my artistic guides also include the German expressionists--many of whom were initially architects! And of course Leonard Baskin, that largely unsung master of so much.


The Prints:

1. Homage to Prez

2. Gallop

3. Dean Meeker-1

4. For Christmas

5. Untitled-1

6. Untitled-2

7. Homage to Jerrold Ballaine

8. Homage to Dean Meeker

9. Untitled-3

10. Untitled-4

11. For Don Leikam

12. For Dick Leikam

13. Untitled-5

14. Untitled-6

15. Homage to Jack Jones