I remember my first attempt at sculpture: there was an art teacher--junior high school--by the name of 'Miss Cotton," if memory serves. She introduced us to clay. Always embullient, at least then, I proceeded to construct a dachshund, very elongated, curled around a fire-hydrant with its rear leg lifted. Well that seemed to completely defeat her; she seemed to take it personally and chastized me soundly. It took a while to recover from that experience with pedagogy and I do not recall working further in clay until about 1970 or so. Since then, I have done many pieces ranging from fit in the hand size to monumental--16 feet in ehight.


The Sculpture:

1. My first bronze: probably 1971, influenced by Michael Ayrton

2. Reclining Figure, ca 1990

3. Reclining Figure-large, ca 1991

4. Portrait bust-small, ca 1991

5. Portrait bust-large, ca 1991

6. Head of Woman, ca 1991

7. Shrine, ca 1990

8. Beautiful Sebastopol Girl, ca 1988

9. Untitled, ca 1995-96

10. Minotaur arroused, ca 1985

11. La vieja (Le mujer mayor)

12. Together, ca 1975-79

13. Two figures, ca 1989

14. Seated woman, ca 1988

15. Two figures-embracing, ca 1989

16. Seated woman-II, ca 1991

17. The Search, ca 1991-92

18. Variation on a theme-I, ca 1991-92

19. Variation on a theme-II, ca 1991-92

20. Variation on a theme-III, ca 1991-92