I draw every day. It is like part of being and it is a form of meditation, although I commonly draw in public and in the company of others with whom I carry (probably) vague conversations. I never read newspapers and also do not listen to the radio nor do I have a television set--not since about 1989. so the noise of the world does bother me and I find that drawing or doodling is one way for me to express something and somehow quiet the rattling world. I have no idea of what a drawing will be until it is done and I almost never start with an "idea." The hand holding the pencil or pen does what it intends to do and I rather follow it along. A close friend advised me to start adding some color to my otherwise black ink drawings and I did so, I believe with some degree of advantage. I intended that my drawings--they being in very fine ink with very fine line--be turned into etchings one day. that was in fact one of the reasons I began to draw. But making editions of things seems more of a problem than a solution. Yet, there is in an etching a certain charm that I shall yet attempt to derive.

There seems little sense in transforming drawings into web pages, for I have been posting a drawing every day for several years on "Facebook." I am not a FB afficianado and I do not know its ins and outs; I barely know how to do my daily postings. However, if one wishes to look at the drawings, they are likely all there somewhere. I assume that the link to my page is here.

I did publish a book of drawings and it can be found here:

morning doodles