Composer's Music Rack

I studied with master teacher, pianist and composer, William Allaudin Mathieu for quite a while and noticed that as he wrote his music he often had to lean forward towards the piano's standard rack to make his notation. We were of a certain age together and experienced similar issues with vision (see piano music rack). Thus, I expanded the idea of the music rack to create a wide stable wood device that could be attached to his piano (and my own)--I made one for myself as well.


My resultant composer's music rack shown in position on my piano.


Side view showing how the device attaches. Similar to the piano music rack.

composer rack-3

Face-on view showing the broad expanse of holding space.

composer rack-4

This is a view of the attaching portion of the device. Note that this part is fabricated in a fashion similar to the piano music rack, using the same angles and distances and finally glued together. The material is one-half inch oak plywood.

composer rack-5

Attachment device viewed from the opposite side. This shows the compression wings that are fabricated to apply just the proper pressure to the 'fall board' of the piano (the part the covers the keys when the piano is closed). These are attached with hinges.

composer rack-6

Attachment device showing wings in erect (final) position. they apply the proper pressure to allow the entire rack to accept constant pressure by the composer as s/he writes on the manuscript paper.

composer rack-7

Close view of the attachment wing--note that it is slightly chamfered so as to "ease" into position. This requires fitting for each piano.

composer rack-8

View of attachment device with "wing" facing you. Note the configuration. This is determined by cardboard mock-up and angle measuring. See also piano music rack.

composer rack-9

Completed rack viewed from the rear. Stained and finish applied. Red felt added where the rack touches the fall board. Wings are in passive position.

composer rack-10

Front view of rack. I was fortunate to find this 3/8 inch teakwood form ready-made. I have several more of these. However it would be a simple matter to construct one from 3/8inch plywood with a simple glued joint at the bottom.

copmposer rack-11

Completed rack in "cross section" view.

composer rack-12

William Allaudin Mathieu using his composer's music rack. Note the convenient position and the standard rack to the far right.