Curriculum Vitae

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 29, 1935
BS, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1957, Honors
MS, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1962 (Feb., Anatomy)
MD, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Honors
Internship, U.S. Naval Hospital, Oakland, CA, Rotating, 1961-62
Resident in Pathology, Stanford University Medical Center, 1965-69
Clinical and Anatomic Pathology
Related Employment:
Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin, Department of Anatomy, 1957-59; Department of Endocrinology, 1955-57
Military Service:
U.S. Army Reserve, 1959-1960, Medical Corps
U. S. Navy, Lt. Commander (MC), 1960-1965
Phi Kappa Phi
Alpha Omega Alpha
Alpha Delta Phi
American Medical Association (1969-1975)
College of American Pathologists (Fellow)
California Society of Pathologists
Pacific Dermatologic Society
American Society of Clinical Pathologists (Fellow)
Press Club of San Francisco
Sonoma county Medical Society (President), 1975
Borden Award in Undergraduate Medical Research, 1961
Wisconsin, (1962), Board of Medical Examiners
California (1963), Board of Medical Quality Assurance
Professional Boards:
American Board of Pathology (Anatomic Pathology), 1968
Eligible, Am. Board of Pathology, (Clinical Pathology), 1969
American Board of Dermatology/Dermatopathology, 1983
Teaching Appointments:
Stanford University, Clinical Teaching Assistant, 1966-1969
University of California, Clinical Assistant Professor, 1969-1974

Professional Employment Experience:

Partner/owner, Central Pathology Laboratory, Santa Rosa, CA, 1969-1974
Partner/owner, Redwood Medical Laboratory, Santa Rosa, CA, 1974-1993
Partner, Drs. Leissring and DeMeo, Santa Rosa, CA, 1974-present
Independent Contractor (self-employed), DeMeo Enterprises, 1980-present
Laboratory Directorships:
Hillcrest Hospital, Petaluma, CA, 1969-74
Warrack Medical Center, Santa Rosa, CA, 1969-1972
Santa Rosa County Hospital, Santa Rosa, CA, 1969-1974
Healdsburg General Hospital, Healdsburg, CA, 1969-1974
Santa Rosa General Hospital, Santa Rosa, CA, 1969-1994 (closed)
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Santa Rosa, CA, 1969-2000 (retired)
California Verteran’s Home Hospital, Yountville, CA, 1969-1974
Central Pathology Laboratory, Santa Rosa, CA, 1969-1974
Redwood Medical Laboratory, Santa Rosa, CA, 1974-1993
Physician’s Clinical Laboratory, Santa Rosa, CA, 1993-1997
Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, Santa Rosa, CA, 1997-2002

Medical Publications:
1. Serum protein absorption by the fetal and newborn guinea pig, Master's thesis, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1961.
2. The maternal-fetal transfer of serum proteins in the guinea pig. Leissring, J.C. and J. W. Anderson, Anat. Rec., 136:231, 1960.
3. The Transfer of serum proteins from the mother to young in the guinea pig. 1. Prenatal rates and routes. Leissring, J. C. and J. W. Anderson, Am. J. Anat. 109:149, 1961.
4. Ibid. II. Histochemistry of tissues involved in transfer. Anderson, J. W. and J. C. Leissring, Am. J. Anat. 109:157, 1961.
5. Ibid. III. Postnatal studies. Leissring, J. C. and J. W. Anderson, Am. J. Anat. 109:175, 1961.
6. Uptake of antibodies by the intestine of the newborn infant. Leissring, J. C. Anderson, J. W. amd D. W. Smith, Am. J. Dis. Child. 103:160, 1960.
7. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation in a neonate. Leissring, J. C., and L. Vorlicky. Am .J. Dis. Child. 115:100, 1968.
8. Multiple late complications of treatment with cyclophosphamide including ovarian destruction, Miller, J.J., Williams, G.F. and J. C. Leissring, Am. J. Medicine 50:530, 1971.
9. Cystic dysplasia of the testis, a unique congenital anomaly studied by microdissection, Leissring, J. C. and Oppenheimer, R. O. F., J. Urol. 110:362, 1973.
10. Parametrial phlebectasia: a clinical pathologic entity. Hanzlik, H. and Leissring, J. C. Am. J. Obstetrics and Gynecology 125:431, 1976.
11. Differential Diagnosis of Anemia, Bulletin, Sonoma County Medical Association, 1070.
12. Review of Thyroid Pathology, Grand Rounds, Physician's Continuing Medical Education Program, February 17, 1978, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.
13. The Concept of Normal in Laboratory Medicine, Physician's Continuing Medical Education Program, 1983, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.
14. Bulletin Essay, Sonoma County Physician, 1999