It was a chance I took while traveling in Switzerland with my, then, significant other: I remembered that my friend, fraternity 'brother' and college rom-mate lived somewhere in Switzerland. We were in Zurich at the time and I took a chance on finding him using the telephone directories. He was there. In Geneva. We reconnected and in time discovered our mutual interests, a main one being art and especially the need to do something with his father's sculpture, which was gathering moss. We planned to renew interest in his father's work--his father had been a major sculptor in Paris, a close personal friend of Gertrude Stein and her circle of artists. The plan was to write a book, which became my first writing and publishing event. It was in the year 1991 that the book was released. There followed many others, now totalling 25 or 26 with more on the way.

The Books:

1. The Life and Work of Michael Brenner, 1885-1969,

ISBN 0-9630085-0-1, Published 1991.


2. Michael Brenner Exhibition Catalog, 1989
brenner exhibition catalog

3. Songs My Father Never Sang, ISBN 0-9630085-1-X, 1995.

songs my father never sang

4. One Hundred Drawings, Selected Work, Michael Brenner and
James Spitzer, 1996 (Exhibition Catalog)

5. Rural Monuments, Poetry of E. J. Howe, 2006

rural monuments

6. 12 Bar Blues, Poetry of Jack Leissring,

ISBN 0-9630085-2-8, 2006

12 bar blues

7. Fifth Petal, Poetry of E. J. Howe, 2008

5th Petal

8. Selected Drawings; From the collection of J. C. Leissring
Fine Art, ISBN 978-0-9630085-4-1, 2008

selected drawings

9. Selected Woodcuts, From the Collection of J. C. Leissring

Fine Art, ISBN 978-0-9630085-5-8, 2008

selected woodcuts

10. The Story Teller, New Poems of E. J. Howe,

ISBN: 978-0-9630085-8-9, 2010

story teller

11. Winter Landscapes, Seasonal Landscapes by Jerrold Ballaine,
Exhibition Catalog, ISBN 978-0-557-39087-8, 2010

winter landscapes

12. Winter Trees, Selections from Recent Seasonal Paintings,

Jerrold Ballaine, ISBN: 978-0-9630085-6-5, 2010

winter trees

13. Piet Mondrian, A Brief Examination of an Artist's Life, 2010

piet mondrian

14. Art and Letters, Love and Desire, Ellen Koment and

Jack Leissring, ISBN:978-0-9630085-7-2, 2010

art and letters

15. Jacques Villon, Jacques Villon in the Collection of Jack Leissring, ISBN: 978-0-9630085-1-0, 2011

jacques villon

16. Color in Three Dimensions, The Sculpture of

Jerrold Ballaine, 2011

color in 3 dimensions

17. Brenner-Brenner-Brenner-Brenner, Poems of Joseph Brenner, Drawings of Michael Brenner, ISBN: 978-1-105-19379-8, 2011

brenner brenner brenner brenner

18. Jacques Villon, Cubist Work on Paper in the Collection of

Jack Leissring, ISBN: 978-0-9630085-0-3, 2013

jacques villon cubist work

19. Northmarch-Acrenemar, A Novel of Wizardry and Adventure, Heather McDonald, Matt Leissring, ISBN 978-1-300-28300-3, 2011


20. A Question of Mirrors, J. C. B. W. Natadere, USA - Frank P. Plume, UK, Private Distribution, Mirari Press (USA), 2012

question of mirrors

21. Maria de los Angeles, A Chronicle of Work, 2010-2013

maria de los angeles

22. Jerrold Ballaine, Book One, ISBN 978-0-9630085-9-6

jerrold ballaine-book-1

23. Jerrold Ballaine, Book Two, ISBN 978-0-9908931-0-3

jerrold ballaine book 2

24. Dean Meeker, ISBN:978-0-9908931-1-0

dean meeker

25. Morning Doodles, To quiet the noise, Jack Leissring,

ISBN: 978-0-9908931-2-7

morning doodles